This is who we are


Bobbie Morrone launched his music career in approximately 2007. Since then, the fledgling act has recruited three other musicians who create their own slow-burning tunes blurring the lines between jazz and popular music. Rose Benge at AAA Music roughly compared him to Jack Johnson “if [Jack] were actually good.” This twist of humor reflects the originality of Morrone’s sound fraught with eclectic riffs and blues infused phrases. His most recent release was the EP “The Best I Can Be” from 2014 featuring three tracks of particularly distinct flavors.

Morrone’s favorite guilty pleasure playlist includes music like Beyonce’s “Love On Top.” In all seriousness, his focused sound is akin to the likes of Johnson and John Mayer. Morrone is working on a full-length album to be released in 2016 and is currently spinning his wheels in the Midwest.


Vocals, Guitar / Bobbie Morrone
Bass / Jordan Poortenga
Drums / Isaac Vining